Arts & Culture


Ms Park (Art Department)

Subject overview

The aims of the Art and Music departments are to develop imagination, creativity, independence and resourcefulness in our pupils. These aims can be developed through the teaching and learning of a variety of practical and academic skills in the areas of art, craft, design and art appreciation. In music, the students will develop their skills through performance, listening and theory.

We aim to foster lifelong learning through our subject areas. Pupils are encouraged to visit galleries, museums, concerts, musicals and theatres, and to develop an awareness and enjoyment of the visual and musical world around them.

Art extra-curricular

Our school offers a range of art activities to pupils in both Junior and Senior cycle.The art department focuses on the art portfolio, Monday lunch-time Art Club, preparing for art competitions, and also gallery visiting.

Music extra-curricular

Our school offers a range of musical activities and provides entertainment during events held throughout the school year. Our choir has the opportunity to perform for the school community and the local community of Farranree during school masses, graduations and award ceremonies.

We are lucky to have links with organisations such as Music Generation, who have provided workshops for our students. We also encourage trips to musical productions for our choir and TY classes to see a musical production once a year as it is a valuable and rewarding opportunity for their hard work and dedication throughout their time in school.