Transition From Primary School

In Nano Nagle College, we run a very comprehensive induction programme for all incoming First Year students, to help their transition to post primary school. The programme is planned annually by an experienced team, who put together their own unique Induction Booklet for students of Nano Nagle College.

Topics covered during induction include:

  • Transition from primary school.
  • Who is Who? – learning about key personnel in the school community such as Principal, Deputy Principal, Class Teacher etc.
  • How to follow my timetable.
  • How to manage my locker and books.
  • How to organise myself.

New pupils entering Nano Nagle College into other year groups other than first year will also complete an Induction programme, similar to above.

All Parents of incoming students are invited to meet with the Principal, Deputy Principal and other teachers. The purpose of this meeting is to answer any questions that the Parent/Guardian may have. This meeting allows the school to support the child early, in their transition from primary to secondary school, or from another school. It also provides an opportunity for the parent and student to learn more about the school. The school looks forward to meeting parents and we believe that students achieve best when parents and teachers collaborate.