School Of Sanctuary

Nagle Nagle College is a new school with a welcoming heart!

We have been working very hard and this hard work has paid off as we are the first School of Sanctuary in Cork!

What is a School of Sanctuary?

Schools of Sanctuary Ireland (SoSI) believes that schools are the future of a harmonious and integrated Ireland. Schools all over the country are already embracing their role in equipping generations of school-goers to build an inclusive and equitable future for all global citizens.

In the School of Sanctuary programme, schools find further motivation and structure in which to engage deeply with this role and to embrace its potential to build a brighter future.

In adopting the three Sanctuary Principles, a school further embeds and develops its culture and practice of empathy, welcome and inclusion for the benefit of  ALL students. The school is visibly and actively committed to strengthening a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment and to equipping students to understand and respond to the needs of those who seek sanctuary in their communities and throughout Ireland.

Please have a look at our achievements to date: School of Sanctuary Nano Nagle College

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